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Greywater and Gardens


What is greywater?


The Water Regulations Advisory Scheme define greywater as, “Water originating from the mains potable water supply that has been used for bathing or washing, washing dishes or laundering clothes”.


With the threat of water shortages, hose pipe bans and compulsory metering, how can we continue to water our gardens, whilst remaining environmentally responsible?


Use greywater, that’s how!


Greywater can be used to irrigate established plants and is an invaluable resource during times of low rainfall and when water restrictions are in place.



  • Supply and installation of greywater diverter valves for garden irrigation with choice of feed options, either directly to garden hose or to water butt.
  • Water butts supplied and fitted, or your existing water butt feed converted.
  • Standard installation of water butt to rain water pipe also offered.

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